Custom SR-X Bundle (Final Payment)





Build Your Own SR-X Bundle $2,653.55 Build Your Own SR-X Bundle quantity﹣


Wheel Deck*:
SR-X Direct Drive Wheel Deck

Hardware for:
Moza Direct Drive

Pedal Mount*:
SR-X Floor Mount for Heusinkveld/VRS Pedals

Hardware for:
Heusinkveld Sprints

Pedal Assembly (Optional):
SR-X pedal attachment with Heusinkveld Sprint pedals


Side Plates*:
Standard Side Plates

Side Plate Color:
Mirror Blue

SR-X Accessories (Opt.):
SR-X Accessories

Mouse Tray
Part of:

SR-X Accessories

Racing Seat (Opt.):
SR-X Sim Racing Seat – Standard Seat


Monitor Stand (Opt.):
Single Monitor Stand

Monitor Stand Accessories (Opt.):
Monitor Stand Accessories: Keyboard Tray

PC Stand + 200

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 22 in


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