Since 2009 we’ve been designing and fabricating high quality made in USA driving simulators including motion systems, complete turn key iRacing packages, and custom fabrication.

Our customer base includes all racers from amateur to the pro ranks. Every one of us at Sim Seats is a weekend racer too. Our passion for racing drives us to build better sim racing equipment, and leaves us feeling that the weekend just doesn’t cut it. Join us for the thrill of racing any time, any day, any car, any track.

As we like to say, don’t limit your track time to the weekend!

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Victory Lane Podcast Episode 50: Zach McAfee, Founder of Sim Seats

Zach McAfee, founder and owner of Sim Seats, producing Made in USA Driving Simulators since 2009, joins Davey to discuss how Sim Seats has become a leader in the simulator industry, including he got into the business from playing with a pile of scrap metal in college, how his passion for racing drove his interest further and the “aha” moment when he realized his endeavor may be a profitable one. Plus, the extreme financial gain in the last 36 months (amid the coronavirus pandemic, no less), a dive into what makes each rig different (including cost and features) his relationship with drivers, A.K.A. customers, including a funny story about having a conversation with the G.O.A.T. in his garage while delivering a rig, and more.