D-BOX 2250i w/ KCU – Gen 3



Gen 3 D-BOX 2250i with KCU USB interface

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GENERATION 3 NOW AVAILABLE! In stock and ready to ship from Sim Seats!


The pinnacle of racing simulation at a BOLD new price:

– Race like the pros with the world’s most precise motion system available today.

– Replicate the feeling of driving the most powerful race cars through complete haptic feedback.

– Signature motion technology featuring over 65,000 distinct motion effects.

– Meticulously synchronized, thanks to a 35ms response time.

– The only system to provide a motion experience developed and fine tuned in partnership with industry-leading game developers such as Codemasters and Turn 10 Studios.


This complete kit comes with the following D-BOX components:

– 2250i, 120V, 2 actuator, 1 controller, 3 DOF system

– KCU-1P motion controller

– Non-captive endings

– L or U mounting brackets, depending on your application



View technical specifications PDF here:


Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 20 × 6 in


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