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The Formula Pro Elite is a full featured sim steering wheel. Using only the finest materials and construction, the feeling is nothing short of rock solid immersion. No flex, no compromises. The wheel is constructed from 3 core materials: 5mm Carbon Fiber in Matte Twill, 6061 Aluminum, and Direct-Injection Silicone Rubber handles for maximum grip and comfort. It also features a High-Res LCD Touchscreen and RGB LED Rev Lights which can be customized within all of today’s popular sim software. This is the perfect wheel for the no-compromises sim racer.


Features Include

  • Hi-Res LED Touchscreen

  • RGB LED Rev Lights

  • 5mm Carbon Fiber Faceplate

  • Direct-Injection Silicone Handles

  • 6061 Aluminum Body / Components

  • 10 Momentary Buttons

  • 5 Push-Button Rotary Encoders

  • 7-Way Funky Switch

  • GSI “CEMS N52” V2 Shifters

  • GSI “HSE” Dual Clutches (Optional)

  • GSI “Spec 3” Coiled Cable

  • 310mm Diameter

  • 70mm Threaded Bolt Pattern

  • Extra Label Sheets


  • Simucube

  • VRS

  • Simagic

  • Accuforce (via Accuforce QR)

  • Fanatec DD Bases (via Fanatec Podium Hub)

Recommended Connections

  • GSI Coiled Cable → Powered USB Hub → PC

  • GSI Coiled Cable → Active USB Repeater → PC

*Non-active USB extension cables are not recommended.

*AH50 Hub not included.

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 16 × 8 in


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