Simucube ActivePedal



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Designed to cater to the sim racing enthusiast’s needs. The Simucube ActivePedal allows you to transform your sim racing experience from a passive one to an active one. Adjust the pedal in whatever way you see fit such as pressure, travel distance, and even the pedal curve. Get racing quickly with profiles created by professional motorsports drivers and feel real world car effects such as ABS.

  • Easy adjustability of pedal feel to suit your driving style
  • Consistent braking experience for consistent lap times
  • Real world car effects (ABS, traction control, and more) 
  • Profiles created by professional drivers


  • Force feedback
  • G-force
  • ABS
  • RPM
  • Configurable as a brake, throttle, or clutch
  • All aspects of a pedal are configurable (Forces, travel lengths, curves, damping, friction)

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Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 7 in
Choose your pedal setup

ActivePedal Primary Set, ActivePedal Add-on, Set of 2 ActivePedals, Set of 3 ActivePedals