Sparco Circuit QRT Racing Seat



  • Genuine Sparco Racing Seat
  • Fixed back bucket seat w/ optional sliders and angle adjustable side brackets
  • Max size 32 waist


Compared to the popular Circuit II, the original Circuit has a significantly smaller shell. This makes it super easy to fit into just about any car, but harder to fit around every driver. Avoid if you have anything larger then a size 32 waist. Decent height, but should probably be avoided if you’re 6 feet or taller. The way the shoulder supports are melded into the halo make for easier fitment into smaller cars, but may not be fore someone with very broad shoulders. The Circuit seat style is also much more of a “bucket” that you fall into, as opposed to sit on.

One of the most popular seats in both Touring and Rally racing, the Sparco Circuit QRT Seat receives Sparco’s patented QRT Ultra-Light Technology treatment for a lightweight, fiberglass shell, with a classic shape that drivers have come to love. The integrated head protection is designed to work comfortably and safely with a Hans Device. The slim back offers high lateral support, while an all-new, thin-profile bottom cushion keeps the driver low in the seat without sacrificing comfort. As with all Sparco racing seats, anti-wear fabric has been added to the seat edges to improve durability and wear.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 39 × 23 × 22 in


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